Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Our home is filled with decor. Decor I love. Decor that makes our house a home. There's pictures and birds and plates and flowers and colors and curtains. I love them all. But, the most powerful items on display are these.
These most adorable, most colorful and most exciting books. They allow us to escape to jungles, snowy lands afar and worlds where receiving a homemade Valentine makes everything better. 
Today is icy, icy, icy here in Texas. Looking out our window I see icicles and frozen roads. A stay indoors type of day. A great day to do laundry, play with Play-doh for hours, read in bed, paint on paper and maybe our faces too.

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Anonymous said...

Emma is such a doll and Eli is growing into such a nice young man! What a wonderful family you have Melissa!